Useful Information

Food and Drink

While there is a good variety of places to eat and drink at the circuit it is quite expensive. There are several Hypermarkets around Le Mans to get food and drink at, which you can take into the circuit and, of course, enjoy at the campsites.
Two excellent resteraunts on the circuit are the 'Restaurant des Hunandieres' and the Chinese resteraunt next door. They both afford good views of the track while you dine (and both get overbooked very quickly).
The nearby village of Arnage also has excellent Bars, Cafes and Resteraunts.

Phoning Home

If you need to use a payphone, most are phonecard operated. The Phone cards are available from the ACO shop and at various Shops, Bars and Cafes.

Phoning from France you will need to use the international access codes. Dialling from French phones use '00 xx' where xx is your normal country code. UK residents call '00 44' or use the France Direct number '0800 89 0033'.

Country code for UK is 44
Country code for France is 33
Region code for Le Mans is 02
Emergency numbers : Police 17, Ambulance 15 & Fire 18

What you'll need (and what you won't)

What you definitely need

Small FM radio to listen to 'Radio Le Mans'.
Autosport Le Mans guide available around 2 weeks before the race.
Plenty of Beer and/or Wine.
'Ski-pass' wallet to hold your tickets.
Camera (still and/or Video)
Toilet Paper.
Ear Plugs (not essential for the hardened 'Le Manser').
Hangover Cures.

What you would be nice

Trials bike/Mountain Bike to get further round the circuit.
Good stereo for the evening barby/party.
Vintage Le Mans t-shirt (gives credibility).
More Beer and/or Wine.
Tickets to any of the Hospitality tents.
Gas fridge (for the Beer and/or Wine).
Rare and Expensive car to pose in.

What you do not need

Nice/expensive clothing.
A need to feel clean and tidy at all times.